How 2 draw sonic step by step

how 2 draw sonic step by step

Deshmukh 4 years ago on Introduction. Add the shapes for the shoes.

I invite you to do a very simple lesson on how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. MsSweetSatisfaction 4 years ago on Introduction.

how 2 draw sonic step by step

The completed shape will resemble an S on its side. Then, lightly sketch the position of the legs, body, and ears. Draw two more curved lines across the shoe.

how 2 draw sonic step by step

As his name implies, he is able to run at high speeds and fold himself into a rolling, spiky ball. In addition, Sonic wears huge boots; so don't be afraid to make them too big.

How 2 Draw Sonic: Pro Tutorial

Draw a curved line above each eye. Then erase extra lines and proceed to the next step. Would you like to draw Sonic the Hedgehog for yourself?

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

Get more on YouTube: Only after doing so should you begin working on the shoes. You may want to sketch lightly at first, as there will be need to erase some of your early lines in order to complete the picture. In either case, drawing the face requires focus.

Using the shape of his head and the horizontal construction line as guides, draw in Sonic's snout. Easy Drawings. Draw a smaller oval overlapping the bottom of the head. A curved triangle is used for the eyes and a series of lines for the hair and the other face features.

It must be decreasing in size from the head to the back. Click the icon or button below to view a printable PDF of this drawing guide.

How to Draw Sonic The Hedgehog

It is shown in the picture in color pink. Erase the guide lines from the oval.

how 2 draw sonic step by step

For a completely finished Sonic the Hedgehog drawing, you have to color it. Copyright EasyDrawingTutorials. Draw in the guide for Sonic the Hedgehog's eyes by drawing a wavy line that begins at the left ear, curves down toward the horizontal construction line, curves back up toward the right ear and finally dips down and rests on top of the horizontal construction line.

how 2 draw sonic step by step