How to fiberglass bodywork

The smoother it is, the less sanding you will have to do. Thanks for building my confidence to try this process on my own. The weights of the material have to do with the intended use.

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Apart from these controllable issues, fiberglass is safe to work with. After cleaning the area with an 80-grit sanding pad on a die-grinder, a series of holes were drilled into the body on either side of the crack.

how to fiberglass bodywork

When the color is uniform, the mixture is ready to be used. Note the holes have been drilled around the perimeter. The key is locking the new material to the old. Let dry and you are back in business.

How to Repair a Crack in a Corvette's Fiberglass Body

After this is done, you can apply body filler on the top of the fiberglass filler and finish the repair as you normally would using body filler. Do this project in a very well ventilated area. Sign in.

how to fiberglass bodywork

Sure, once the initial cure is completed, this process slows down significantly, over time the resin gets brittle. Then high-tech Duraglass body filler was applied.

How to Use Fiberglass Cloth for Automobile Repairs

Note that when you use a D-A or any sander or grinder on fiberglass, you absolutely have to be careful to respect the creases and cut-lines in the car's bodywork. Working with Glass In other languages: You are here: When the ambient temp rises or falls from that point, hardener is either reduced or added to ensure a proper cure.

How to repair a large rusted out area on your vehicle

These threads are coated with a chemical solution and bundled together to form rovings, or long bundles of fibre. The holes will connect both sides of the repair, locking it all in place.

how to fiberglass bodywork

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how to fiberglass bodywork

Depending on your project leaving room for flexibility of course , try at least 3 layers, but no more than 10. Your email address will not be published.

how to fiberglass bodywork

Then clean thoroughly, dry completely, apply two or three coats of a good marine urethane clear coat. Resin age is important as well.

Mix the filler with the hardener according to the manufacture's instructions on the 10"x10" cardboard piece.