How to install an nx nitrous plate

You are looking for a liquid white plume not just the sound of air. This WOT micro-switch is designed to work with the furnished universal mounting bracket.

how to install an nx nitrous plate

Nitrous Express utilizes only the highest quality components designed for the use of liquid nitrous oxide. Contaminated nitrous will cause serious damage to the nitrous solenoids and possibly to your engine.

how to install an nx nitrous plate

Push the top into place first, and then slide the bottom into place over the bolt. Remove the throttle body. If there is a question about the purity of your nitrous supply, a filter PN15610 or 15607 should be used when refilling your bottle. Do not deface or remove any markings, which are used for content identification.

how to install an nx nitrous plate

Be sure the WOT switch is only activated at wide open throttle. If you are using a fuel safety pressure switch you must use a jumper wire between the NO and C terminals when testing the solenoids. The nitrous and fuel solenoids are rated only for intermittent duty.

Your nitrous bottle should be turned off when not in use even between runs.

How to Install an NX Purge Kit - D-4 on Your 1979-2012 Mustang

Gently launch the vehicle, gradually accelerating to wide-open throttle. The black wire from the One Touch Top Module is for use with a light bar, allowing the third brake light to be disabled when the top is up. Mount the toggle Arming switch in a location that is within easy reach of and in plain sight of the driver. The adapter fitting is very thin so you should use very little torque when tightening.

Remove the door sill trim plate by pulling up at its inner edge. To insure proper system assembly and operation, carefully read the following installation procedures thoroughly before beginning. On all settings above 100 horsepower the following precautions should be observed: If you have an aftermarket ECU tuner that advances the stock timing, detonation could be a problem.

How To Install a Nitrous Express Nitrous Kit - Plate System on your 1996-2004 Cobra, Mach 1 Mustang

Route the line carefully to prevent the possibility of restricting nitrous flow. DO NOT use any sealer on flare connections, hose, or bottle connections. Wiring the purge valve is easy but care must be taken. Back Delete Question 1 of 3.

How To Install a Nitrous Express System Tutorial Instructions Overview