How to jailbreak jailbroken ipad 2

Is there any problem of I take a jailbroken ipad to the usa from india.

how to jailbreak jailbroken ipad 2

At what stage in the process do you get this error? Have you tried putting the device into DFU mode and restoring it that way via iTunes?

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Outdated software can sometimes cause incompatibility problems with jailbreaking software. You need to update to the latest version of IOS through itunes. Mark makes a great point. I accidentally tried to restore my jaibroken over the air..

how to jailbreak jailbroken ipad 2

But i cannot get the thing to restore. Ipad Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. This completely removes all traces of having jailbroken, and the stock device will then be accepted by Apple under warranty. Got an iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Can jailbreaking brick my device? Could anyone help or suggest how I can try to get it to take a restore or update?

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Hi Tim. This won't be affected by your jailbreak at all. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

how to jailbreak jailbroken ipad 2

If a new iOS version and accompanying jailbreak are released, the preferred method is to backup your device first, fully restore and update your device to the required iOS version, then jailbreak again using the released tool. Swiping across the keyboard to move the text cursor rather than fiddling with the magnifying glass, setting your phone to perform complex events in response to certain button combinations, turning off read receipts in third-party messengers, installing apps from unknown sources, connecting wirelessly to other devices via SSH, displaying Wi-Fi channel and strength information, the list goes on and on.

There are occasional exceptions to this rule, as well as tweaks which can change some cellular behaviours such as tethering and MMS, but in general they are unrelated. I have tried to go for DFU, I can't.