How to stop head dipping in transition

There were four faults going on in my swing, and fixing them might take a lot of range balls and some high scores along the way.

4 Fast Fixes

What you want to do is squat as you swing into the ball. Plus, it feels uncomfortable to pause at the top if your weight is on your front foot, so you'll learn to load into your right side. All Together Now - Golf Digest.

Maybe you'll have your best season ever—that's my goal. The video shows all To illustrate this best I have put together a brief video showing the ideal head position from the set-up to the impact position of the golf swing. Swing the club back, count to five, and then hit the ball. All rights reserved.

Head position in the golf swing simplified

Simple Swing Fixes - Golf Digest. So from the top, we want try and avoid that big dip down into the left side.

how to stop head dipping in transition

Then he pushes up to create power. He tends to drive a bit too aggressively into his left side squatting down with the hips, squatting down into the left side, certainly creates awful lot of power. This puts your body in the perfect position to make a smooth takeaway and a solid overall golf swing.

how to stop head dipping in transition

Golf Instruction Sean Foley: This leads to a lot of inconsistent ball striking due to the extra timing needed because of the excessive head movement. Before I get into the reasons I want to clarify something. Start here.

Squat For Power

Now 30, he turned pro at 17. This means that after I strike the ball, I want to feel like the heel is skimming along the turf and then tracking left of my target above, left. He certainly tried to rebuild his golf swing at least three times in his career.

Golf Instruction Jerry King: It is okay for the head to move a little bit, say 1 to 2 inches.

how to stop head dipping in transition

So the next time you swing, pretend there's a banana lying lengthwise under your front foot. Head moving laterally too much in backswing.

Free Videos. To make a proper takeaway, I just think, railroad tracks.

how to stop head dipping in transition

For a lot of amateur and club golfers, that would also resort in quite fat shot as well. The swing I was making wasn't that far from the typical high-handicapper's weak, over-the-top move that usually produces big slices--in my case, it was low hooks. Much better to let the bigger muscles in your shoulders sound the command.