What hifi awards 2012 issue

Versatile, balanced sound quality portrayal, equally adept at expressing bass and treble. Monitor Audio has consistently produced excellent quality home cinema systems.

What Hi-Fi? Awards - 2013

Stunningly clear with a pleasing sense of detail, as well as greater detail and dynamics than other similar cables. We are excited to present the stunning Homemation winners, along with the award reviews from What HiFi. Product of the Year Stereo Amplifiers Rotel is renowned excellent quality amplifiers at reasonable prices.

This also offers the possibility to stream music from online platforms such as Spotify and Rdio. Today's the day all our 2012 Award winners are revealed in all their glory. New CD input below the display for reduced vibration and improved spinning of discs. With well-controlled, powerful, detailed sound that maintains quality through most volumes, it also offers clear vocals and robust sound from the tuners.

Fantastic value for money.

what hifi awards 2012 issue

We're flooded with all the hottest new products from the big names in consumer electronics, and the mood switches back and forth between serious deliberation to 'kids in the world's best sweetshop' — it's a blast for us, and we hope you agree with some of the products we've decided to crown best in class, and the best of the best.

A solid design and intuitive layout.

Best Stereo speakers 2013

And we're on-message with network music storage and streaming, too, with systems, streaming players, DACs and more to get your whole-house hi-fi up and running. Optical cables are key in various audio set-ups.

what hifi awards 2012 issue

You must be logged in to post a comment. Product of the Year — Systems Denon continues to maintain its reign as a champion in the micro AV system market. Flexible allowance for positioning ensures excellent stereo quality even when placed against a rear wall.

What HiFi? Awards 2012 – The Best Audio Visual Products of the Year

What Hi-Fi? USB inputs on the front for iOS devices Apple approved, of course offering playback from portable Apple devices and allowing the devices to be charged while the Denon is in standby mode. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Clever design hides the tweeter bolts for a clean look, notably reduced vibration and improved sound quality. We recently reviewed the Rotel RA-10 — read the review for a more detailed description of this remarkable product.

what hifi awards 2012 issue

Find out more about the full range of excellent entry level Monitor Audio speakers.