How to do magic coin fly

And now, as of March 22, Android users can get in on the fun, too.

Flying Coin ( Muscle Pass)

Tango Ultimate Coin T. Borrow a coin from someone in your audience and amaze them as it vanishes before their very eyes! It's up to you, so you can get creative here. Now that iOS 7 is out, what can you do that you couldn't do before?

how to do magic coin fly

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how to do magic coin fly

Tell your audience you will make the coin disappear. But with so many puz... On the other hand, this data is a tempting target for bad actors looking to make a b...

how to do magic coin fly

Ask your audience for a coin. You're more than likely cohabitating with a complete stranger, and what better way to make a good first impression and develop a strong personal relationship than sub...

Magic Tricks

Tell us more about it? Finally, on your last snap, hit the coin with your fingers so it flies into your sleeve and disappears. Notice how the muscle and padded part of your hand below your thumb begins to cover the coin. Catch the coin in your other hand. Before doing this trick, practice actually picking up your real coin.

how to do magic coin fly

With these skills, you'll be able... Gathering resources can be an exhausting business. Flag as... Being confident and telling a story as you perform the trick will keep the audience engaged, and allow you to create certain distractions to take attention away from your hands.