The man who laughs wikipedia free

the man who laughs wikipedia free

His friends believed he was not afraid of anything, but he admits he was only brave because he was worried people would see him for what he truly was: A hooded gravedigger matching Sandor's physique appears in A Feast for Crows who could very well be Sandor himself; the character is left unnamed because the chapter is from Brienne's POV, and Brienne has not yet met the Hound in the novels.

When Sandor finally catches up with Lem who is about to be hanged for his crimes, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros ask Clegane why he is after Lem. However, later on in the evening, the building site is sacked and every one of Ray's followers are mercilessly killed. The Red Woman. He replies, "He killed my friend", implying that Ray's teachings have had a significant impact on Sandor.

the man who laughs wikipedia free

Ray discovered Sandor Clegane , the Hound, in the Vale , apparently dead. When the Hound confronts him for greeting followers of R'hllor with a Faith's greeting, Ray bluntly answers "I'm a fucking septon, what was I supposed to say? I don't know their real names. Or maybe it's the Lord of Light, or maybe they're all the same fucking thing.

the man who laughs wikipedia free

The Elder Brother is a member of a community of male penitents living on the Quiet Isle. Maybe it is the Seven. In exasperation, the Hound decides to go off into the woods to cut more firewood, saying that it would be a cold night.

He had a broken leg, and was covered in bugs.

Ray firmly believes in redemption at any time, as shown when he tells his congregation that it is never too late for someone to turn their lives around. Ray was once a sellsword, who would do whatever he was told. However, after the harrowing incident in which he killed the boy in front of his mother, shame washed over Ray, causing him to follow a new path. What matters, I believe, is that there's something greater than us.

Ray is an extremely friendly man, capable of earning the admiration of a man like Sandor Clegane who doesn't have very high opinions of anyone. Battle of the Bastards.

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Start a Wiki. Eventually the Hound became healthy enough to help Ray and his "flock" in the construction of what appears to be a small sept. Contents [ show ].