What is good morning teacher in chinese

You know now how to greet people depending on how many they are with the most used and common expressions. Related Links Adult Chinese Lessons. How do you say good morning everyone in Chinese?

Chinese (Mandarin)/Greetings

Share Flipboard Email. I agree with Rover, EB and Egmont. Join the conversation Cancel. Young people, especially, have created their own expressions inspired by the Western greeting expressions. Evening greetings are usually said between about 6 p.

what is good morning teacher in chinese

Dictionary and thread title search: Live Teacher from China! Kids Chinese Lessons. Therefore, I strongly believe we should not encourage our students to addressed a teacher as teacher, but rather sir, miss or madam.

But did you know there were many other ways to say hello in Chinese? Pinyin is a Romanization system used to learn Mandarin.

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There is no definitive answer to this question. Related posts: You can also head to Ninchanese to practice your hello and speak like a native.

what is good morning teacher in chinese

Asked by Alina - General Chinese - 3 Answers. These greetings should be said at the appropriate time of the day. My son took 2 yrs and needs 3rd.?

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How to Say Good Morning and Good Evening in Chinese

When I was in school, teachers told us that we can't call a teacher like "good morning, teacher ". The practice is different in different countries.

what is good morning teacher in chinese

Professors in a university could be addressed as 'professor', but it doesn't sound quite natural to use 'teacher' for a teacher. These following expressions are used as often as their equivalents in English. Previous Thread Next Thread.

what is good morning teacher in chinese