Who dat funny meme faces

White Guy Blinking Baffled by something? Many were stoked when protesters in downtown Durham toppled a racist Confederate soldier statue.

35 Funniest Memes That Mock The ‘10 Year Challenge’

JessG 1 month ago Sadly true. Early this year, footage of a macaque getting a haircut went viral. You know how Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer disses reporters by repeating their questions back to them in a mocking tone?

who dat funny meme faces

In many ways, they're the Star Wars version of puffins. Hans 1 month ago Compare that to Germany. Living in 3017 If you've ever doubted the existence of time travelers, you need to open your eyes. SledFang Report. It was the soundtrack of a great video meme, proof that, yeah, we're dying without Vine RIP , but we're not completely dead yet.

who dat funny meme faces

Since taking office, President Trump has found a new favorite hobby: Mobile users noticed that every time they tried to type a standalone "i" an "A," along with a question-mark box, took its place.

The hilariously truncated version of "he protects, but he also attacks" got a second wind this year when memelords introduced a third panel to its initial two-panel set-up. Before the liberals find a reason to deface, destroy or degrade this one, I thought some of you might like to see it one more time... Aulin is a pain killer drug nimesulide.

who dat funny meme faces

When far-right Twitter user polNewsNetwork1 tweeted a photo of a drag queen sitting next to a woman in a niqab in a New York subway car, deriding the image as "the future that liberals want," said liberals clapped back by celebrating diversity and offering self-aware visions of their own utopias. At the end of October, Apple released an iOS update that came with an unfortunate bug. The Snapchat Hot Dog Snapchat's greatest invention to date: In other news, Kylie Jenner and "The egg" have formed an unexpected bond to give you the makeup looks you see above.

They might have closed one lane in 2009, but they would not start the actual construction before 2019!

who dat funny meme faces

But sometimes it's good to be bad. OOF 1 month ago True story. This may occur in as little as three days after starting the medication'.

Growing up, I was often teased for my attraction to g pic.

In other words, the soundtrack of hope. Sign Up Forgot your password? Hot dog, we love you and we fear you.