36 mafia who gives a damn

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Stream Overseen by Yoko Ono Lennon, the expansive, 160-track project includes rare outtakes and previously unreleased demos. Man, that shit was awesome. We did the mixtape together, and put it out as a little bonus.

36 mafia who gives a damn

He always plays a drill sergeant. Let's plan a robbery a robbery chorus continues with next part You see good with this yay, but I'm better with these guns I manage dope to collect these funds You see good with this yay, but I'm better with these guns I manage dope to collect these funds chorus ends o-right o-o-o-right o-right o-o-o-right o-right o-o-o-right.

I liked the remake.

36 mafia who gives a damn

Most Known Unknown. Post to Cancel. Please login or register. Lyrics index. Pussy Got Ya Hooked.

What started off as an underground outfit focused on horror-tinged street tales gradually evolved into a mini-empire led by DJ Paul and his partner Juicy J the only two perpetual members of the group that has increasingly leaned toward a more mainstream sound.

It don't matta to a playa, 'cause i'm icy to the toe, and when I walk outside, i can jump up in the rolls. Three 6 Mafia. Take ya fake asses on nigga keep it real nigga Make this money like we makin it nigga!

Destruction Terror

All of them pretty much had the shit we done did. The shape is like a horror movie, but the premise is put down like a robbery movie, like a drama.

36 mafia who gives a damn

All rights reserved. Three 6 Mafia has had one of the most interesting and productive careers in hip-hop history.

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Playa why ya hate, playa why ya hate Sippin on some sizzurp, sip sippin on sum sip When I say weak ass you say bitch Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel ya tongue ring It's my baby mama ye know am on child support She's a 2-Way freak, a 2-Way freak I say Bitch! Who gives a what where you from We lookin' for them J-Lo booties big old ass round and phat, let me squeeze it One hitta quitta, that One hitta quitta Who you fuckin wit bitch!

Just be in the back arms folded...

Three 6 Mafia - Who Gives A Fuck Where You From

I see ya dancin' in the club, like you strippin' off your clothes. We finna do this for all you thievin ass wanna be us ass niggaz out there! Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob Tear da club up nigga, tear da club up Push 'em off tear it up, push 'em off tear it up Who run it?