How to bleed dual brake master cylinder

Bleeding and Maintenance

Hi there It sounds like air trapped inside the Master Cylider bore? As I mentioned I always use braided hoses on my fun cars and to date have had no problems. Like water, brake fluid is incompressible, meaning that it will never take up less space under pressure only one gallon of fluid will fit into a one-gallon jug , whereas air under pressure compresses into a smaller volume.

If it does, you might as well just replace the dual cylinder with a single.

1500 Dual Circuit Bleeding

The car came with a 3 part master cylinder where the reservoir was within a bracket on the side of the pedal box. If you don't have the correct bore, you are using too much stroke to actuate the pistons in the disc. To place an order, contact your local dealer or call us directly.

how to bleed dual brake master cylinder

So anyone opting for the easibleed, please reduce the pressure in the tyre down to about 15psi before proceeding, in particular when using the Gunson universal cap and place plenty of old rags around the area to avoid damage from excessive pressure breaking the seal. Ulu , Aug 18, 2014. Complete your bleeding procedure all the way around the car. HemiRambler , Aug 19, 2014.

how to bleed dual brake master cylinder

I have purchased a repair kit for the 2nd hand unit and once I have the car sorted will repair that so it is a serviceable unit. When the bubbles stop, close the valve. Hope this helps... Don't back-bleed so much you pollute the new master cyl.

how to bleed dual brake master cylinder

Top up the Reservoir and repeat the process a few times and hopefully the Fluid will start coming out by the slackened union. I posted recently about a second hand brake master cylinder that wouldn't work once installed.

how to bleed dual brake master cylinder

Well done. Jul 21, 2006 Posts: I can bleed off the right hand front brake which is connected to the first outlet as before but cannot get fluid to go through the rest of the system. Monday - Friday 8: Let us know how you get on. This procedure will avoid damage to the piston seals.

how to bleed dual brake master cylinder

Having said that a lot of comments I have read state that failure is not obvious and that the Teflon fails quicker than the rubber alternatives. Release cutting brake handle. I have tried opening the left hand front and the two rears to relieve any remaining back pressure but with no change. Having owned a 1967 Midget with a single line system I came to the conclusion that this so called improvement to a dual line circuit was more pain that it seemed worth.

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