How to customize jordans tutorial

Some people will even offer to buy them!

how to customize jordans tutorial

Do the outer back heels, the inner sides of the sneaker and the front toes all look well defined and symmetrical? Some paint markers release very weak paint and some are extremely watery.

how to customize jordans tutorial

Make sure the area you place your sneakers in during this time is at room temperature and free of humidity. Once you are through painting, it is recommended that you allow a significant period of time for drying. Your sneakers are your canvas. You want to make sure both shoes are designed to look identical for them to be a successful pair of custom kicks.

Otherwise, you should be using use a fine tip marker for this step. Utilizing the colors you selected for your paint markers, begin coloring in your piece.

A canvas sneaker may also be used but could prove to be a much trickier surface for a beginner. Beginners are advised against using spray paint for their custom sneaker project.

Once you have your outline, place your sneakers side by side. Spray cans are harder to control and best used on large canvases. Show Them Off.

how to customize jordans tutorial

Lastly, you may want to pick up a can of clearcoat. I truly believe there's a buyer for every piece of art but they won't know about you and your kicks if you leave them at home in the dark. As a beginner, we hope you selected a very simple design for the first time around. Here we will be using white leather sneakers as pictured above. If you go to an art supply shop you can usually test the paint markers before you buy them.

How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers

Creating a rough sketch is extremely important because you are working with a pair of shoes as your canvas. The thinner the tip, the easier it will be to draw details and get to those hard-to-reach spaces. It can provide a barrier against the potential cracking that can occur if the customized sneakers are worn too much. However, if you use spray paint as a base, make sure you get skinny caps to keep the aerosol from covering detail you want to show.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Sneaker Customization by Mache

You don't want to create any drips. The thicker the tip, the more paint you can spread to large areas. Use a very light coating when spraying onto each sneaker. Get Your Paints. There are countless sneaker forums online that cater to sneaker art enthusiasts and thousands of sneakerheads dying to see what you've created.

If not, then save the darkest colors for last so you can cover any bleeds or flaws towards the end. If you'd like to apply a helpful material prior to outlining your sneaker, Krylon makes a product called Workable Fixative.