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After the release of his 10th solo studio album, The Storm , in 2016, Tech N9ne is back with a new long player, Dominion , the latest offering from his long-running series of collaborative albums featuring Strange Music artists.

"2 Piece" lyrics

After taking a listen to Dominion and dissecting the lyrics, XXL highlights 20 of the more memorable lyrics from Tech N9ne and Strange Music's latest body of work that hit the hardest. Submit Corrections.

First getting his feet wet during the 1990s and finding label homes at Perspective Records, Qwest Records and JCOR Records, Tech N9ne and O'Guin would gradually build Strange Music into one of the more respect independent brands in rap, with Tech N9ne's cult-like fan base piquing the interest of industry insiders and the label's grassroots methodology and track recording for braking new artists and reintroducing veteran acts attracting talent from all corners of the U.

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20 of the Best Lyrics From Tech N9ne’s ‘Dominion’ Album

Sundae] You right though Ain't no sickness without a psycho Ask me what's my psycho You could eat it on my psycho You could beat it like you Micheal I want my cut like lypo Feel cheated on like?

Filed Under: Although Tech N9ne appears on a majority of the songs, the spotlight is reserved for Strange Music acts, with the likes of Krizz Kalico, Murs, Stevie Stone, CES Cru, Wreckonize, Rittz, Darrein Safron, Mackenzie Nicole and others all turning in multiple contributions that display all of the high-quality artistry that the label has to offer.

You get woozy Then outta you head through you Derouted and shit Who beat 'em down and issued a 2 piece [Hook] [Verse 4] You wanna battle me battle me All that blabber and that'll be Causin' you cavity Givin' you agony agony chatterin' That'll be the reason for your batterin' Screamin' loud but you niggas ain't matterin' already warned you Then I can give it to you with singin' and rappin' Don't think I can't be clappin' at your habitat If I harm you Then you must be weak and be frequently gettin' beaten deceit And plus you a faggot now Now down how many mc's must get this 'Fore they all know don't fuck with Chris See I'm a boss boy Fuck around with hog style The dudes click with Strange and get tossed boy When I'm?

Tech N9ne] My psychosis is I can't keep focus Without doses of beautiful hostess Is oh shit so thick roasted I dosed it I'm so sick with it Ladies is supposed to get, get it Below the clit I liked it I rolls to wicked ya dig it By designa I'm the kind ta Climb behind her Fine dime to slime her Wine and dine thine Is minor When it's time to grind her Blind with signs I'm gonna find a vagina Mouth bowls you came to brown hoes The town hoes you chose the grown poles wicked wicked sounds vulgar Knows the lows blows The clothes is all over her clothes but told ya I'm sick for sexposer Ain't no secret I really love to eat it That quick spits And jumps up to my back when they release it Sometime I just wish I could just cut it out and keep it That 6688846993 shit [Hook] [Verse 2: Kelly Released From Jail.

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I Been Dope

Piece definitely I hold it down For my block, for my hood, for my sector Look at what ya mouth got ya Niggas should've held it down Watch ya mouth or you might get hit in it One piece two piece dit-dit-dit-dit-dit down This is for the niggas from my section Hope you learned the lesson Bully niggas better hold it down [Verse 1 - Big Scoob] Left, right, right, left, he's toothless Not two but the Big homie's ruthless With my two fists I can move this And bout to prove that I can move it with my true spit I'm locked and loaded I'm ready I'm heavy lyrics so steady this for the block Big homie bout To get it mayn It's time to get it my nigga my villains spit it my nigga And if you feel it my nigga then throw a villain mayn Veteran now bustin' with my strange cats Chrisa Calli Techa Nis and my nigga Scat Chasin' paper my nature we bout to sew up the nation We keep it real while you fakin' now how you love that?

Making it in the world of hip-hop takes perseverance and endurance, for the road is filled with speed bumps, false starts and adversity.

I ain't lyin' Cut off the head and I hide it Devide the body up I'm probably the sickest nigga in rhymin' Sychie might be When I give my 9 milli a tight squeeze Ain't nobody like me My mind be runnin' off light speed Like me, to get um off they Nike's Infered, sight beem Went out the back with a slight mean Gettin' off like the S. Back To Top.

"What's Yo Psycho?" lyrics

Thanks to Parker for adding these lyrics. Submit Corrections. Powered by. And if any artist in rap is aware of this virtue, it's Tech N9ne , who was not only able to build a successful career of his own, but has also went the extra mile by building his own musical empire, Strange Music , which he founded in 1999, with partner Travis O'Guin. Thanks to Pimpdrums, Tim Robinson, Sean for correcting these lyrics.

By Tiger and them white hoes I'm sickning, lick me Doggy style might pick me I'm pissy If you can not dick me till I'm shiting I'm ticking Like a time clock on a trick beam I get seen on a 50 inch flat HD My pussy yeah you hick-ups You thirsty won't you lick up I'm a nutty little bitch huh?