What is lfm airflow

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what is lfm airflow

This means data between smaller and larger fans, and perhaps between faster and slower fans, cannot be compared fairly due to the increasing pressure that prevails with higher airflow.

Either way, I'm new to the specifics of cooling, and I'd like to get my facts straight. Arctic 3 80mm.

LFM To CFM Calculator

So, why do ribbed surfaces act as heatsinks then? Actually, in different setups, different rules of thumb will come closer. Popular content Today's: One thing that will help you grok the difference is thinking about the flow in terms of a cross-section being dragged perpendicular to its direction.

All times are GMT -5. Originally Posted by Bagistan No, it increases the surface area, but not necessarily the cross-sectional area. So, adding a heatsink reduces cooling? FAQ Calendar. We're not positive about the answer.

what is lfm airflow

From Wiki: Fander FX92-W. SPCR is optimized for viewing at 1280x1024 screen size. Yet the measured LFM of the Fander is the same as the bigger fans.


The higher the LFM or the higher the surface area means lower theta. This could get weird, because for example at a speed where the flow is just beginning to get turbulent, a small increase in speed would make a big increase in cooling. If all you do is adjust the air speed over some fixed geometrical shape, then you want higher air speed to get more cooling. It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. I must be interpreting something incorrectly.

P180 v.

what is lfm airflow

We are no longer measuring unimpeded airflow; our test box brings pressure into the equation as well. With the new technique, because the test box is sealed, every bit of air pushed into the box by the fan will eventually pass through the anemometer and contribute to the LFM measurement.

A New Way of Testing Fan Airflow

The trick is that the "cross-sectional area of interest" is not the surface of the heatsink. This suggests that there is higher airflow restriction at the anenometer for the bigger fans at higher speeds. Instead, it is governed by a complex formula involving the difference in size between the fan and the anemometer, the speed of the fan's rotation, and the impedance of the test box, which includes the anenometer vane.

It is also smaller than 92mm or 80mm.

what is lfm airflow