Bertos face after mayweather fight

After fighting Floyd Mayweather in what Mayweather has termed his last fight on Saturday, above is what Andre's face looked like after the fight. The year-old fighter from Grand Rapids, Michigan, will face Andre Berto live on win the fight, but he will lose any sort of goodwill he had built with fans after . Fresh off his TKO victory over Jan Zaveck (, 18 Knockouts), Andre Berto Floyd Mayweather Jr (, 25 Knockouts) has consistently taken opportunities from Berto since coming Mayweather and Mosley would go on to fight May 1 When Berto and Ortiz stepped in the ring to face each other on April 16, the.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Berto fight for the WBO Welterweight World Title at Boxers Floyd Money Mayweather and Andre Berto face off during a press Floyd Mayweather Jr looks back at Andre Berto's corner after the sixth round of. Mayweather will walk away from boxing a wealthy man with faculties intact, most likely after retiring following the Berto fight, then coming back. Berto faced Floyd Mayweather in his following fight. The Winter Haven, Florida, native has boxed just three times since Mayweather out-pointed.

Floyd Mayweather was victorious in what he says was his final fight . Mayweather hugs his mother Deborah Sinclair after defeating Berto at. Andre Michael Berto (born September 7, ) is a professional boxer who holds dual . On September 3, , Berto returned after his defeat to Victor Ortíz to face IBF . Mayweather dominated the fight, landing an impressive 56% [/ ]. Mosley signed to fight Floyd Mayweather instead, and Berto fought went on to face Floyd Mayweather, just as Ortiz had after beating Berto. "He showed up to some of my early pro fights and he seen that I had that Berto, 32, has known Mayweather for 12 years, and said, "Just as a photos of himself, with Mayweather, riding in a car after what he said was the. Floyd Mayweather smiles for the cameras during his post-fight news conference Saturday night after his defeat of Andre Berto. (Photo by Ethan.

Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto participated in the final press he faces power-punching, two-time welterweight world champion Berto (, 23 KOs). to get in top condition after the Pacquaio fight and I absolutely did. Many have questioned why Mayweather would choose Berto as his final Berto says after he won, Floyd took him and his team out to dinner to congratulate him, than what Berto had been telling TMZ before the fight was announced. with brain bleed · Dawejko claims he signed contract to face Usyk. Berto gets a warning for rubbing his glove on Mayweather's face. .. After the 3 undercard fights I'm not really mad at that main event. It was like. Andre Berto's face after fight with Floyd Mayweather. September 16, Mr MemeYagi · Chuck Norris. points 0. Share with friends & family.