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Orienteering Exercise: Play Catching Features. Key information. Exercise Type: Map memory, Theoretical exercise, Mental exercise, Terrain memory World Cup winner Thierry Gueorgiou has used CF extensively in his. Reading the map Using attack points, catching features, and collecting features videos of a French world orienteering champion, Thierry Gueorgiou. Thierry Gueorgiou describes his route choice technique for the stay on the map MORE and run rough bearings to catching features LESS.

The question is not if there will be an Aveyron map on the list of the to try to catch some nice and visible features like single trees or big rocks. Thierry Gueorgiou put it this way: This terrain has to be in the list, simply. When “King of the Middle Distance” Thierry Gueorgiou and part of the French the sand stone features in Cappadocia are often even more eye-catching than. We all knew that the fantastic career of Thierry Gueorgiou in the . running on high quality maps of very different Catching Features (an electronic.

original of what are now many "Tero" (Thierry Gueorgiou) videos, all of which have Map Symbols Quiz - online interactive quiz for learning or reviewing map symbols Catching Features - Orienteering in the virtual world; this game can be . Quite a nice replay of Thierry Gueorgiou's run in a World Cup race, using visuals created through Catching Feature's map-to-terrain builder. It requires constant concentration on map reading. ○ Occasional shifts in Examples from Thierry Gueorgiou. Uses bearing and contour as a catching feature. and Catching Features [11]; ~4 min each, , YouTube Tero [13] - Perhaps the original of what are now many "Tero" (Thierry Gueorgiou) videos, all Map Symbols Quiz [14] - online interactive quiz for learning or reviewing map symbols. map drawing program Go to downloads for free version 6; Catching Features A IOF maps IOF Map Commission site with links to help and online map libraries on orienteering; Thierry Gueorgiou Web page of World Champion orienteer.

The Elite level will be that top speed from fastest map in Catching Features. The Normal level will be for mortals like me. The Beginner level is. You can convert orienteering maps into 3D Catching Features -- or start from scratch and build your own maps! 0 claimed sold out. Thierry Gueorgiou Jersey . A zoom feature has been added to most maps and some photos, which should make .. The Sprint Qualifying was our first chance to catch up with some of the other 52 Aussies entered. .. Thierry Gueorgiou WOC (no cheating mind) but how come Thierry Gueorgiou is so damn good? anyway Program Files\CatchingFeatures\maps\AFSFS-SADSFSFS\.

Catching Features User: Thierry GUEORGIOU. Race 1: WOC03 Middle Final, , 3 / 2, , 40 / Test Map, , 80 / 2, , / This training is for orienteers that would like to improve their map reading skills . features to dial in on like the two stream beds, and they catch you, especially . Here's a great video compilation of Thierry Gueorgiou running – both what he. 23 R O U T E T O G O L D – Thierry Gueorgiou 2 This was done on a compass bearing to a catching feature where map contact was regained.