Famous people who drive range rovers

This British SUV looks good, and has been built up as the ultimate snob-mobile. DC Avanti: Test Drive.

These Are The Top 5 Cars That All Celebrities Seem To Drive

One of the biggest names in Bollywood, the Sr. Some celebs like Rebel Wilson and David Beckham have ditched their Prius after seeing how bad they are.

famous people who drive range rovers

All told, Celebrity Car Blog estimates that around 70 or more famous people suffer the misery of driving a Prius. Anushka Sharma Anushka is one of the very few Bollywood Divas to choose the luxurious Range Rover as her set of wheels. Ranbir Kapor The junior Kapoor has a good taste in cars. Mercedes-Benz G-Class G550.

Range Rovers of the rich & famous

The junior Kapoor has a good taste in cars. This SUV's global appeal is unparalleled. How many celebrities own a Range Rover? Image Source: For celebrities who want even more prestige than a "glorified Volkswagen", Rolls-Royce seems to be the popular choice.

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We get that these people want to feel like they are saving the planet, but why not get a Porsche 918 or McLaren P1, or even a Tesla? The original Continental had its fair share of flaws, but the updated V8 model fixed many of these issues.

famous people who drive range rovers

First Look. Either these cars are THAT good, or celebrities just like to copy each other. Well, it is just too many to count. Good riddance!

The name does not need any introduction. Source Credits: When you are behind the wheel of a Range Rover, you actually get the feeling that you are better. When we do these lists, we try to avoid celebrities that have "typical" celebrity cars.

Basically, although celebrities have plenty of money and access to a range of cars from a range of automakers, they all seem to gravitate to the same couple of models.

famous people who drive range rovers

The car has personalized by him. We have done a few lists of celebrities that drive the coolest cars.

famous people who drive range rovers

They have a long history of being one of the most expensive cars money can buy, so it makes sense that celebrities flock to them.