How to cut straight bangs tutorial

Fortunately the hair grows back and it'll grow quickly too. Some people like their bangs to go straight across their forehead above their eyebrows for an edgier look, and others like longer bangs that angle down as they meet with the rest of their hair.

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Check in the mirror and by placing strands of hair side by side to see if they are even. Will try this at home, thank you.

how to cut straight bangs tutorial

Then repeat on the other eye, cutting at a downward angle until you've reached the rest of your hair. When you brush it back it will create feathering. Lift the hair back up to a 45 degree angle and cut parallel to the strands of hair in your bangs, making small snips at the tips of your bangs.

how to cut straight bangs tutorial

Soften the edge. After you have done this step, you should now have a section of hair in the front center of your face that is separated from the rest of your hair.

how to cut straight bangs tutorial

Can my blunt bangs be swept to the side to look like side swept bangs, or do I need a new cut? If you're not sure, you can always start with longer bangs and cut them shorter.

This just pushes the hair tighter together, so you can just make one or two cuts. Once you have your bangs at the desired length, you'll want to make them look more natural unless you are going for blunt bangs, in which case you may want a very straight line across your bangs.

how to cut straight bangs tutorial

They blend into your existing style, and can be kept long so one can wear them off the face. Things You'll Need Scissors for hair or sharp scissors.

As they are close to being dry, flip them back over and blow dry as usual. DP Deborah Postlethwaite Feb 13, 2017.

How to cut your bangs at home, because sometimes it has to happen

Getting a straight line free hand requires very precise cutting and very sharp shears, so you may end up with a crooked line by doing a free hand cut. To create a soft layered bang that feathers back you will need to cut hair at a high, 90 degree angle.

Move the hair on one side of the part towards the middle of your forehead and pin the hair on the side of your head back to keep it out of the way. Side bangs are great for those of us who want a more subtle fringe style. You could either use bobby pins to secure your bangs into your ponytail, or you could completely cover them with a wide headband. This makes each curl end in a nice point and stay together better.