How to put in decreasers

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how to put in decreasers

However, since we have had more and more people use them for other shoes outside of the Air Force 1 line, we have somewhat changed the way we feel about that and therefore want everybody to know that they are proven to work with a host of other kicks and should be taken on a shoe case-by-case basis or trial and error, so to speak.

Or you have an improper value or combination of products in your cart that do not comply with the promo eligibility.

We recommend trimming according to these instructions for best comfort and fit. All Sneaker Shields ordered from SneakerShields.

UN-verified addresses are subject to refund without notification. Also, Force Fields make your toes go numb after wearing them for a short time. It will be up to you to do your due diligence to find them. They also absorb sweat and smell, unlike Sneaker Shields which are made of a proprietary plastic blend with ventilation holes. Simply trim them with a pair of scissors. Facebook Instagram Twitter.

how to put in decreasers

You also may be required to sign for your order or pick it up from the local post office. And they last for years.

how to put in decreasers

We do have customers that have had the same pair for 6 years and use them all the time, it just depends on a long list of variables. Any special delivery instructions should also be given to your postal carrier as we are not the delivery service and not responsible how they deliver your mail.

My Account Logout. If this happens then you will have to either set your cart up in a way that is compliant with the promo code or wait for another promo. The reason for that is because it most closely resembles that of an Air Force 1 toe-box.

Shoe Decreaser | Sneaker crease preventer

Cut small increments at a time if needed, remember what you cut off you cant put back. We hope to have a list compiled with the Protector compatibility at some point.

Shipping times vary and can take up to 14 business days for International orders. Facebook Twitter Instagram. When the Protector was created, initially it was strictly with the Air Force 1 sneaker in mind. There are codes out there that do work perpetually.