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I pray consider seriously that pattern of S.

Meddus, touching the Day of Iudgment. Those saith the Text which sleep in Iesus, will God bring with him; he saith not, carry away with him. I speak not here altogether at random: But though my heart serve me not to communicate them to you at this time; yet surely I shall make them known to Doctor Meddus.

First, Because they begin ab eodem termino, namely, at the destruction of the Fourth Beast: Luke, whose words are, Give us every day our daily bread.

BD-816 War Apparatus

For to do so, were to lose all footing of Divine testimony, and in stead of Scripture to believe mine own imaginations. The Iews in after-times went about to perswade that the Romans calling them Edom also were the Fourth Kingdom in Daniel, because they might be thought to hold aright that Messias was not yet come, who should be the Stone falling on the toes of the Fourth Kingdom.

Iohn's sealed Book; because none could open that Book but Christ, and he opened it not till his Revelation shewed to Iohn. As concerning the rest of the Beasts, they had their dominion taken away; yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time. For destruction by fire in Scripture is an high Metaphor, and expresseth often unresistible destruction. I durst shew no such conceits as these, but to so great an Antiquary as your Lordship, to whom the possibility of corruption by writing is so well known, or rather the impossibility of the contrary.

For I can do nothing in those things but in silence, and security of not being distracted.

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My paper streightens me and my time; and I have been a 3. Nor do Horns, more or fewer, distinguish the species of a Beast: Protinus animum meum suspicio incessit quam postea veram comperi de Millennio Apocalyptico agi. And consequently, those very Times of the Gentiles whereof our Saviour speaks, Luke 21. Iohn be the same with those in Daniel? There also is no persecution of this Kingdom mentioned, Chap.

None was able to open the Book, none in heaven, or earth, or under the earth. Check out our handy guide!