Bt line test wholesale craft

BT Wholesale broadband speed test not working. On 3 occasions I have placed an order with BT for Fibre and on each occasion the same result was achieved. Most of the information on it is false and has no relavence to my line what so ever.

bt line test wholesale craft

November 24, 2013 at 11: Unfortunately the BTw checker is woefully inaccurate, I will personally put my hand up and state that. View Public Forum Register.


Have a look through the forum for complaints about the HH5. Spilt Milk. The speed estimates actually consider this which is why users will often see a higher sync and service speed if they get in early. Ah well.

bt line test wholesale craft

Message 9 of 106. It isn't at all like upgrading from Inf1 to Inf2.

bt line test wholesale craft

All I get are shrugged shoulders from BT yet they still persist in pestering me, very, very frustrating. July 18, 2017 at 11: In that case it must reference a specific Faceplate for the NTE. United Kingdom.

I am using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 and it still is not working It worked for me about midday today.

bt line test wholesale craft

The price of FTTP is a shocker. Tim Leatherman founded the company on a few simple, but fundamental principles: Mobile Menu.

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United States. July 18, 2017 at 3: Editorial Articles Index. Message 4 of 13. How I interprete the linechecker results 3. Speed 35Mbps, Unlimited Gift: The alternative being IP telephony. Quick View.