How to use micro tilt adjustment

how to use micro tilt adjustment

How far do you go? Radian likes this. Feb 22, 2017 6.

Adjusting Your Action: Shimming and Micro Tilt

Rich Fiscus , selowitch and bassdude51 like this. I've wondered about the micro tilt too. Sep 20, 2012 2. I'll have to just play around with it a bit I think. The pitch of the neck on your guitar has been preset at the factory and in most cases will not need to be adjusted. Feb 22, 2017 1.

how to use micro tilt adjustment

Having a neck resting on a tiny screw is a BAD idea,and one of the reasons 70's Fender Guitars got a bad rep. Accept Learn More...

How To - Truss Rod Adjustment - Fender

Are there many other models that use it? A shim is placed in the neck pocket, underneath the butt end of the neck. Your name or email address: If you have no micro tilt, you can shim the neck.

Micro Tilt Adjustment

The only thing I can find states the obvious; tighten to raise the fretboard, loosen to lower the fretboard. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Yes, most standard and aftermarket bridges have plenty of vertical range of adjustment of the saddles to cover the range of action adjustment that most players would use.

how to use micro tilt adjustment

Or, if you aren't into my Scroll Basses, I can refer you to a handful of other Luthiers who use my necks and truss rod systems in their basses. A shim is much more solid than the micro-tilt. When you can't get the set up right is when you may need to use the micro-tilt.

As oldwolf suggested, micro-tilt is used simply to change the angle of the whole neck if the bridge is raised off the body of the guitar, or the saddles are set higher than usual.

how to use micro tilt adjustment