What does okapia johnstoni mean tweets

It is currently unknown if okapi are able to cross large rivers, and in the case of the Congo it may intuitively sound unlikely due to the River's considerable size, and as it is likely to have existed roughly in the same formation for tens or even hundreds of millions of years [71].

However, the species is under major on-going threat from habitat fragmentation, human encroachment, regional armed conflict and poaching [2]. View Article Google Scholar 23. Posada D 2008 jModelTest: Pairwise analyses were carried out between sampling regions one versus two, two versus four and one versus four Fig.

11 Mysterious Facts About Okapis

View Article Google Scholar 70. The sequences from all taxa were aligned, including any flanking regions, and the start position of the CR for this complete contig was identified, based on the annotation from GenBank. Sequences were aligned in Sequencher 4.

what does okapia johnstoni mean tweets

View Article Google Scholar 35. The giraffe section of the phylogeny Fig. Subscribe to A-Z Animals and enjoy our website without advertising!

what does okapia johnstoni mean tweets

You Might Also Like... View Article Google Scholar 66. Here we describe the evolutionary history and genetic structure of okapi, in the context of other African ungulates including the giraffe, and use this information to shed light on the biogeographic history of Congo Basin fauna in general.

what does okapia johnstoni mean tweets

Unfortunately, they seem to have gone extinct there. American Journal of Human Genetics 68: Many questions regarding central African biogeography cannot, however, be resolved currently due to a paucity of studies. The okapi also holds iconic status among the Congolese people, appearing on bank notes and as the icon of the Congolese conservation agency the ICCN; Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature , and is thus a potentially important conservation flagship and umbrella species for the region.

Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences 320: Okapis are hard to find in the wild.

To get from Point A to Point B, most quadrupeds—including dogs and cats—will simultaneously move one leg on their right side and another leg on the left side. Please join our alliance to keep forests standing: Molecular Biology and Evolution 1253—1256. S10 , S11 , S12 [A—G]; samples from sampling region three were excluded due to low sample number.

what does okapia johnstoni mean tweets