What up mom bath bomb recipes

Bath Bombs For Mom!

Even handier, you can buy molds specifically made for making bath bombs! Bath Bombs For Mom! The ones from the store always seem huge until you end up making 20 containers and you run out mid recipe.

I bought some nice canning jars, and a string, placed some epsom salt in the jar and then sprinkled the recipients choice of essential oils over the top. Remember those baking soda and vinegar volcanoes you made in elementary school?

what up mom bath bomb recipes

The easiest way to get this party started is to put them in a jar and shake them up. Older Post Newer Post. If you use bath bomb molds, you will get about 4 of the larger ones and 1-2 of the smaller ones. These are awesome bath bombs that I want to try and see how they smell!

How to make your own bath bombs

Do I just need better glasses? Homemade Bath Bombs For Mom.

what up mom bath bomb recipes

If your mold has a lot of details in it, you might just want to give them a whole day to be safe. I like it bubbly or fizzy and scented if possible.

Place 1-2 bombs in a bathtub and enjoy. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

what up mom bath bomb recipes

Remove from mold and place in a dry area on a flat surface to allow them to dry out overnight. I noticed the oats in the picture, but not in the recipe.

The store bought ones can be so expensive, so I figured out how to make bath bombs myself.

How to make bath bombs

Add to your Blendtec jar with the dry ingredients. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss.

Or you might have to put them in a low temp oven to get them to dry out. You could even leave out the food coloring!

what up mom bath bomb recipes

I might have to give them another go! Then I pressed it into a mold. Let the bath bombs dry and harden overnight before you pick them up. I already had my oils on-hand.