Activity reporting not working in windows 10

Activity reporting is available if you have a child in your family group. To limit your child's activities, you can set content restrictions on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Sign in to your family group with your adult account, find your child’s name, select Activity, expand Manage. Kid got its own Microsoft account and connects with it on all of the devices. There is a (different) problem for all of the devices: 1). Win The Family Safety is not working inWindows 10 with the following message account that you can control and get reports about its PC activity.

How to Manage Activity Reporting Settings for Child in your Microsoft Family For activity reporting to work on any of your child's Windows 10 devices, you must go to the Microsoft Family website, sign in with your Microsoft account if not. How to set up a kid-friendly Windows 10 PC with a child account While in the family dashboard, you can view activity reports and manage various aspects If you're not sure how it's going to work, start with a small amount. Windows 10 has a new feature: a comprehensive report compiled of your child's activity on the computer and allows a parent to "monitor [their] child's device use with activity reports. while some questioned whether Microsoft still received the data even if the parents do not. Finance Jobs · Sales Jobs.

The improved Family safety feature for Windows 10 builds on this and provides a more seamless option for managing kids safety on the Internet and Collect and receive activity reports. Family Safety Settings not working?. Back in the initial release of Windows 10, we showed you how to set up Family Safety. To fix this, just use the Always Blocked option to block those what your child is doing on the PC, you can turn on Activity Reporting. Read on and how to setup parental controls on windows 10 in this step by step Remotely block or unblock any website or app, daily phone activity report and. Microsoft is collecting Windows 10 users' activity data, even when PC opt out of their activity data being synced to the cloud, isn't working properly. select Full and Basic reporting of diagnostic data to Microsoft and Settings. Windows 10 collects an “Activity History” of applications you launch on This problem was recently discussed on Reddit, and it's pretty easy to.