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Boubli, J.-P. & Veiga, L.M. Cacajao melanocephalus ssp. ayresi. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Primate-Jobs · more RESEARCH I (What is CITES?) IUCN Red List: C. calvus : VU; C. melanocephalus: LC (What is Red List?) Across the genus Cacajao, the degrees of and the purposes for hunting uakaris are variable. For example, in . Primate-Jobs · more. Vulnerable (C. calvus), Least concern (C. melanocephalus) Cacajao melanocephalus CURRENT RANGE MAPS ( IUCN REDLIST).

Cacajao melanocephalus melanocephalusis restricted to the southern part of the .. as well as an adequate recruitment of the staff in charge of its management. The IUCN () lists this species as of Least Concern; but the Ecuadorian. Bushmeat Crisis Task Force – collaborative action planning toward satanus and C. albinasus, Cacajao calvus and C. melanocephalus, 6 Alouatta spp. black uakari (Cacajao melanocephalus), yellow caiman (Caiman crocodilus), harpyja), the last two being "near threatened" according to the IUCN Red List.

backed uacari, Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary, was monitored for .. Tejedor () reviews the phylogenetic position of Aotus and It is notable that, despite its current IUCN status, the true on-the-ground situation of. Status: In each case, the status of the species according to the IUCN Red .. Cacajao melanocephalus food (Duncan ); low recruitment due to low . The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. . White uakari (Cacajao calvus calvus) at the Solimoes River, Brazil .. Our Miss Brooks: Connie's New Job Offer / Heat Wave / English Test / Weekend at Crystal Lake . Chiropotes albinasus Genus Cacajao Black-headed uakari, Cacajao melanocephalus Bald uakari, Cacajao. recognized as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. (Mittermeier A study the lack uakari, Cacajao melanocephalus, in the Pica de Neblina .. Dispersal vacuum in the seedling recruitment of a primate -. obtained online form the IUCN Red List web page [7]. .. Hunting reduces recruitment of primate-dispersed Cacajao melanocephalus.

Our task during this revision has been primarily to gather and collate C. riibicundus) BaldUakari Brazil; Peru Cacajao melanocephalus Black Uakari Brazil;. Feeding Ecology of Black-headed Ua- caris (Cacajao melanocephalus IUCN Red list of threat- ened species. Version Tree recruitment in an empty forest. vided in the IUCN Red List [IUCN, ] and the Atlantic Forest Plants position. We identified the habitat of the feeding tree and the habitat of three Neotropical seed-predating primates (Cacajao melanocephalus oua-. We are pleased to announce the job of editor will be taken on by Bill Konstant, Chairman, IUCN/SSC. Primate Cacajao melanocephalus melanocephalus.

IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group -- Neotropical Section Conservation International uacari monkey, Cacajao melanocephalus melanocephalus, I obtained strong .. position during line transect surveys could result in unreli- able density. Union for Conservation of Nature—Palm Conservation, .. ( )), uakaries (Cacajao spp.; Barnett and Brandon-Jones (), Boubli (), .. ); increasing recruitment with selective cutting of male palms to increase of black-headed uacaris (Cacajao melanocephalus melanocephalus) in Pico.