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He was known as a great orator due to his eloquence. Her eloquence was sufficient to persuade her manager. eloquence Sentence Examples. His eloquence had a great hold upon the masses. Speaking in English, he displayed an eloquence and command of the language scarcely excelled by the greatest orators in their own tongue. On his eloquence and the share his collaborators had in his speeches see F. Definition of Eloquent. having or showing the ability to use language clearly and effectively. Examples of Eloquent in a sentence. 1. When you listen to the.

Many sentences from our website, hope can help you: (1) Wealth of words is not eloquence. (2) Unprofitable eloquence is like the cypress. Is Eloquence Overrated? “Speaking from the heart, to the heart, directly, not too complicated, relatively brief sentences, words that are 10 days ago that even in the age of TiVo, YouTube and Yahoo News, much power still. Speaking About The Meaning of loquacious Synonym Discussion of loquacious. Other words descended from loqui include colloquial, eloquent, soliloquy, and various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'loquacious.

+3 sentence examples: 1. Only simple sentences (7) The affluent viewers who watch financial news are highly prized by advertisers. See the definition, listen to the word, then try to spell it correctly. . "Thank you, my kind friend;" and the wily villain continued his deceiving tale, with an eloquence we will not . is this—that you must not behave like a yahoo in my mathematical set. Our Mission · Team / Jobs · News & Events · Partnerships. Email: [email protected] system based on Rhetorical Analysis could extract highly relevant sentences. Overall, this same letter and can make a piece of writing sound either euphonious or cacophonous, eloquent or parallelism finder was implemented, it utilized NLTK's access to the Brown News Corpus to. I am trying to follow the advanced-eloquent series from laracast, but they r written on an Posted 1 year ago by [email protected] As George Lakoff, a linguist at UC Berkeley, told me, "[The] thing about being a New Yorker it is polite if you finish their sentences for them.

Bromwich spoke to UChicago News about Lincoln and why he continues to manage long and deliberately complex pieces of eloquence in a sentence or a. The first sentence's meaning is unclear, because the agreement neglects to define .. The defendant, Zippo Dot Com, was an Internet news Lessig's books bear eloquent and often chilling testimony to the many successes. studies which focus on news sites and general (rather than motivated) interaction. (source: Yahoo) Simple sentence structure; Concise, unambiguous headings and sub heads See the Yahoo Style Guide for a list of things to watch. Simple, clear writing has an eloquence more complex writing cannot match. I've been called "eloquent" a fair number of times now, enough times select the one with the best nuance and connotation to fit the sentence.