How to make soft crispy parathas

Very good recipe.

how to make soft crispy parathas

Paneer Paratha. Thank you for your wonderful effort. Omg, super delicious and irresistible parotta….

Lachha Paratha or Crispy Flaky Layered Indian Flat Bread

Preparation Time: I need to try it with the Best Porota Maida and your plain paratha is looking yummy.. The problem is, they end up looking and tasting no different than rotis.

Nutrition Facts. Total Time. Skip to content. Thanks for sharing.

how to make soft crispy parathas

Cooking and experimenting different things in cooking is my hobby. Nice recipe guide.

Khasta Paratha/Parotta

Mix together flour, salt, oil in a wide mixing bowl. Gently start rolling the rope just like a snail and at the end it will look like a pin wheel cookie dough. This was great feedback. Use ghee instead of oil to knead dough for more soft and crispy paratha. Make a well in the middle and crack the egg in it.

how to make soft crispy parathas

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how to make soft crispy parathas

Tc , Humi. However, we will try to create recipe havong similar taste as theirs. It begins to puff up and the layers get cooked and separated well.

Soft Paratha Recipe

Prep Time: It turned out really nice with layers. It will look like a layered rope. Thanks… Awesome pics and recipes!!! This was my first time making by hand so the things I was doing wrong might help someone else that is new to making them too. Onion Paratha.