How to use pull hair pin

Once you've put your hair in a ponytail, insert two or three bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing downward toward the crown of your head.

how to use pull hair pin

Tip via celebrity stylist Ryan Trygstad. To get that effect instantly, take a teasing brush or a toothbrush, and texturize the braids by brushing them against the way they've been braided. Follow Brooke on Twitter.

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Apply eyelash glue to false lashes with the tip of a clean bobby pin. Photo Credit: Tuck in any loose ends and secure it by inserting a bobby pin into the base. Repeat on the left side, and continue these steps until you've pulled back three to four sections on each side, alternating the placement of the pins every time.

A Textured Twist. Tie the ends of your braid into a knot, and then slide a bobby pin upward into the knot to secure it.

how to use pull hair pin

Cross pins on top of each other for reinforcement and a cool look. Holding your hair horizontally from your head, turn your wrist up and then down as you move down a section of hair, creating not-quite-curled cool-girl texture.

how to use pull hair pin

Put your hair into a ponytail before creating a fishtail braid to keep it tight as you braid. If you're looking for a way to pull back the sides of your hair but don't want the pins to show, try this simple technique: Rotate the pin so the open end faces the same direction as your hair, and push the pin in toward your head to secure it.

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Create the look of a longer ponytail by creating two ponytails on top of each other. Type keyword s to search. Tease the crown of your head with a teasing comb, then grab a section of hair between your hairline and the crown of your head, and secure it with bobby pins.

how to use pull hair pin

Secure the end of a braid with a hidden bobby pin to make your hairstyle look more chic. To make a side-sweep over your left shoulder, look to the right and pull your hair over to the left, securing the hair at the nape of your neck into a ponytail behind your left ear.

how to use pull hair pin

Use the locking technique to ensure that your hair stays in place all day. Simply pull your hair up into two ponytails: Cover the elastic of your ponytail with a section of hair pinned around the base.

Using a larger bobby pin or hairpin like Nishida Hair Pins , aim the open end of the pin against the direction that your hair is pulled. Elizabeth Griffin. Kathleen Kamphausen.