Mw2 how to get dragon titles

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XBL Gamertag: Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Below are the non-weapon specific titles awarded for completing certain challenges or attaining certain levels after starting Prestige mode. Nov 25, 2009 1.

mw2 how to get dragon titles

II" lvl26 - Kill 15 enemies with head shots while using an Assault Rifle. Comprehensive Noob Guide to MW2 v1. Dec 2, 2009 6.

mw2 how to get dragon titles

II" lvl26 - Kill 25 enemies with headshots while using a light machine gun. Modern Warfare 2 Anyone have any clue how to get The Dragon title?

mw2 how to get dragon titles

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How to get the dragon title on mw2?

I have seen with some kill streak titles like preadator chopper AC230 and more how do you get them? I" - Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of tactically inserting, 10 times. Headshots with Launchers are not counted, so Multikills are required instead. User Info: At first I thought it had something to do with the ac-130, as "puff the firebreathing dragon" popped up in my mind when i saw it, which was the nickname of the AC-47, but not the 130.

Question Details. Dragon Title? How do i get the blade veteran title? Add a comment. Log In Sign Up. Look if u have the challenge and then see if uwhat u have to do and do it User Info: I" lvl11 - Kill 3 enemies while they are planting the bomb.

Report Abuse. How do I get the rianmaker title? The two people who I have spotted with it ingame did not respond to my messages, and Google seems to find nothing.