The leader who had no title review

Although I may not say this is a MUST READ on my bookshelf, I will say that you must put this one on your iPad or kindle for your summer vacation as it is a great entertaining story and you can learn how to integrate it into your work life!

Not because this book contains a lot pages, but because it is boring to the power of infinity. There are some leftovers from the same dish. This could be a good inspirational movie or series, but a book? This rule breeds the third rule that is Adversity breeds opportunity. Beautiful Novel Handsomely Written. Robin S.

the leader who had no title review

An inspiring read. Sep 29, 2016 10: Employees can have a positive impact on the company they work for, taking pride in their work and feeling a sense of ownership for the success of the company... Community Reviews. Not just the style.

The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

Mar 05, 2017 11: Besides being completely turned off by the real message of this book not the title or subtitle, which is still appealing to me, but the fluff between the covers , I was offended by shoddy writing.

The author Robin Sharma one of my all time favourite gives a wonderful experience throughout the book. By focusing on incorporating leadership ideas into every aspect of your life, it can make you more successful all around. The emotional moment at the end is quite heartbreaking but he has transformed that into a message that we should take into consideration, in a way-follow it in our lives. This book is amazing.

the leader who had no title review

This is what every Muslim are taught to have faith and believe that Allah is Merciful and will always bestow success and opportunities to those who focus and patience.

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Book Review: The Leader Who had no Title

A leader focusses on the opportunity that is manifest itself and realizes that there is a learning process through the adversity.

Book has limitless inspirational quotes and motivating thoughts. Will definitely pick this up again.

the leader who had no title review

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In this beginning chapter, Blake is made to realize that anyone can have and use leadership traits without waiting for a title or position in a company. Sales Form.

There are so many valuable ideas that can be garnered from this book that I do not know where to start. An OTP has been sent to your email address.