What is vertical sync in swtor

what is vertical sync in swtor

DarthRLink DarthRLink 7 years ago 2 Locks the framerate to your refresh rate, gets rid of any possible screen tearing and, in my case, improves the performance. This fix does not improve framerate at all - it just smoothes the game out at 60 FPS.

I'm on a full pop server.

Star Wars the Old Republic Graphic's Issues! Need Help??

I've heard a lot of issues about their coding and whatnot recently. Start a New Discussion. Last edited by Space Cowboy ; 24 Jul, 2015 12: Ideally higher the textures, more the resources required by the game, which ultimately affects performance.

what is vertical sync in swtor

Change language. DepthOfField If you like eye-candy, enable this setting and if you would rather play the game smoothly, keep it disabled — True enable and False disable. If you dont see screen tearing dont use it.

Change language. I'm not sure when this problem started. The graphics setting.... For more help on Star Wars: The tool can be found HERE.

That worked like a charm! Per page: Following are the files and variables with their respective ranges With details about how you can edit these variables which you can tweak as you see fit.

what is vertical sync in swtor

Higher the value, more dense will be the plants around you, more resources the game will require to render that effect. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not working the way it should... Install Steam. Its a good thing to have it on, yes?