How are dinosaurs categorized

The diversity in the dinosaur species boomed in this period along with the flourishing species of mammals and plants.

how are dinosaurs categorized

Sauropoda Sauropods and titanosaurs were the true giants of the dinosaur age, including such lumbering beasts as Diplodocus , Argentinosaurus and Apatosaurus. Long thought to have been protection in some way against predators, these plates were recently shown to have been highly vascularized and probably heavily suffused with blood during life. Besides their carnivorous diets, carnosaurs were distinguished by the comparative lengths of their femurs and tibias, the size of their eye sockets and the shapes of their skulls, among other anatomical features.

how are dinosaurs categorized

At the end of the Cretaceous period, an extinciton occurred which wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving the mammals to take over. The most important feature of the ornithopods was the specialized dentition many had for crushing and grinding up their plant food, whatever that may have been.

The BEST of Dinosaurs

The animals are classified in two formal categories, the orders Saurischia and Ornithischia, within the reptile subclass Archosauria. Skip to content.

how are dinosaurs categorized

This abundant family of marine reptiles--which includes such famous genera as Ichthyosaurus and Ophthalmosaurus--largely went extinct at the end of the Jurassic period, supplanted by pliosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaurs. Save Create a List.

He is the author of three books. The Classification of Saurischian Dinosaurs. It is from a form of maniraptoran that a number of paleontologists - though not all - believe evidence indicates that birds evolved.

How Are Dinosaurs Classified?

In any case, the relationship between dinosaurs and birds is complex. The marine reptiles of the Mesozoic Era are especially difficult for paleontologists to classify, because, in the course of evolution, creatures living in marine environments tend to take on a limited variety of body forms--which is why, for example, the average ichthyosaur looks so much like a large bluefin tuna.

Next Page: The reasonable possibility remains that some dinosaurs may have been endothermic, maintaining body temperature and heat production by means of internal metabolic processes. Pterosaurs are comprised of two basic suborders, which can roughly be divided into early, long-tailed rhamphorhynchoids and later, short-tailed and much bigger pterodactyloids.

What Is The Best Way to Classify Dinosaurs?

The hind legs were strong and bore birdlike feet. They are classified into species, genus, family and order based on these physical characteristics. Fossil eggs once attributed to one of the horned dinosaurs Protoceratops are now known to belong to the oviraptorids and dromaeosaurids, because of identifiable embryo contents.

how are dinosaurs categorized

Well-known pachycephalosaurs include Pachycephalosaurus , Stygimoloch , and Stegoceras. Fossil eggs attributed to the sauropod genus Hypselosaurus have been discovered in Mongolia and France, and fragments presumed to be of dinosaur eggs have also been found in Brazil, Portugal, Tanzania, and the U.

The Classification of Dinosaurs

Thanks to school subjects, television, movies and books, everyone knows that there are many kinds of dinosaurs in existence several millions of years ago. List Name Save. Ornithopods--which came into their own during the Cretaceous period--were quick, bipedal herbivores equipped with stiff tails and often primitive beaks.