Athazagoraphobia how to pronounce spanish words

Learning any new language has its up-front work. Spanish "o"s sound like the "o" in the word "no.

athazagoraphobia how to pronounce spanish words

Unlike the English language, each of these vowels always makes the same sound in every single word. The first step to learning Spanish is understanding the pronunciation of parts of the alphabet.

athazagoraphobia how to pronounce spanish words

Roll your "r"s. Rated this article: For example, the word "vaca" sounds like "baca.

athazagoraphobia how to pronounce spanish words

Look out for double consonants. CM Chelle Medina Jun 6, 2016. Pay attention to the letter "c". DB Dominic Breen Mar 2, 2018. If the "g" is before an "a," "o," or "u," pronounce it as a hard "g" sound like in the word "golly. Did this article help you?

How To Pronounce athazagoraphobia

In English, words that begin with the letter "u" e. Practice as much as you can to get better at pronouncing words. This is helpful if you get confused or are unsure. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. The pronunciation of the letter "z" will vary depending on the type of Spanish that you are speaking. This article was co-authored by Diana Con Webber. You will have to make the sounds quickly and not drag out the sounds of each individual vowel. Try to get help from a Native Spanish Speaker if you can.

Know the similarities with the English language. Cookies make wikiHow better.

How to pronounce athazagoraphobia

Now I must practice every day! Flag as... Words such as "casa," "cosa," and "cuota" follow this rule. If the "c" is before the letter "e" or "i" e. Practice until you can say the two sounds as one syllable.