How to twist up your hair

how to twist up your hair

Protect your twists against breakage and frizz by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, or covering your head with a silk headscarf. Finish with a light coating of hairspray for added hold.

how to twist up your hair

Detangle To ensure smooth and shiny curls, you have to detangle your hair. Finally, rake in the compliments from other hairstyling neophytes who'll be sure you just came from the salon.

How To Twist Natural And Textured Hair By Lupita Nyong'O's Hairstylist Vernon Francois

Leave your twists in for several days, or wear them for up to two weeks. Skip the water if you have afro-textured natural hair. To do this, take two sections of evenly sized hair and twist them around each other, keeping a steady amount of tension on the strands all the time. Since we're all about making styles as easy to try as possible, here's an introductory lesson. Twist-outs thrive on moisture and a good hold.

How to get the perfect twist-out for 4c hair

These are also sometimes called one-strand twists, and you can do them all over your head of hair. The size here is totally up to you.

Starting at the nape of the neck and working up, twist each section of hair around your finger in the direction you want them to curl. Marley twists: My braiding skills leave a lot to be desired.

How to Twist Short Hair for Men

As you probably assume, ample hairspray is recommended. Picture Solange. Two-strand twists using hair extensions have different names, depending on how chunky or thin they are and the kind of synthetic hair that is used to add length and volume.

More From Hair. Do not brush your hair, as it will create extreme frizziness. Almost the whole day.

how to twist up your hair