How to use sub weapon okami wiki

Bought from Gengo in Ponc'tan or the merchant beyond the Spirit Gate. Slashing attacks Charged attacks Drilling lunge Dashing uppercut slash Aerial pierce. Topic Archived. Retrieved from " https: A wood sprite that inhabits the sacred Konohana tree in Kamiki Village.

The Okami has the ability to switch between her mortal form and her animal form.

how to use sub weapon okami wiki

A Rosaries' Main attack has a 20ft range and targets any enemies in a line, rolling her attack for each one. The required brush technique varies depending on the enemy.

how to use sub weapon okami wiki

Mist Warp: My PS2 console is no longer available to me so I can't test it myself, but does anyone know whether there are any changes to the game aside from graphics or not? If the Okami has a Rosary for her Main Weapon, she can strike any enemy in front of her in a cone 15ft, including anyone in her attack of opportunity areas once every three turns.

Divine Instrument

Seven Strike - When any damage is dealt using Seven Strike, Okami targets any nearby enemy Even the same one she attacked and hits them with an Ink Bullet. Even reviewers who played the game on PS2 haven't mentioned any changes apart from that e.

Cherry Bomb - Okami creates a bomb at least 30ft away from herself, placing it on the ground, exploding on her next turn. The Okami's speed is also set to 50 for non-flying animals, and 40 to flying animals.

Okami Amaterasu (3.5e Class)

Blade of Kusanagi - When equipped as Okami's main, it may be used once every three turns to lunge 15ft in a straight line, damaging any enemies in her path and adding Ksanagi's Poison to them. The Resurrection Beads must be equipped in order to use its daily. This can make it a difficult weapon to use.

Can you clarify what was changed about the reflector sub-weapon attack? Triggered by drawing a circle with a line going through one of the edges. An Okami may decide what level they gain the specific Legendary Weapon. Use your keyboard!

how to use sub weapon okami wiki