What is pdq in siebel open

Verifies the number of menu entries.

what is pdq in siebel open

Found none. One of the reasons for this, is that i was already succeeding it with a better program. It was actually that bad, that the Gantt Chart not only loaded terrible slow — but once loaded it more or less hung the browser all together.

How to configure PDQ

One of those enhancements of the latter category, is that the IP16 footprint has been significantly reduced. Identifies the view name.

what is pdq in siebel open

The system verifies the internal class name of the control. Click the favourite to initialize the Toolbar Although not as elegant as the Managed method, this option is more portable if you need it to be , but the security of your machine, or the machine you are using may prevent you from installing a script from an external source, the Managed option does not have this problem. Sign In to Post a Comment.

what is pdq in siebel open

Examples illustrating verify operations in a toolbar. The example below verifies the text of the notification Application Summary. In this example the engine searches for an entry in the View menu which starts with an O. The toolbar will always pull the latest update of the program from the server and maintain itself.

Describes Amazon link information.

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Hour and minute values are positioned accordingly using the corresponding sliders. The result of this, is the ImposSiebel Toolbar, it is essentially the same tool, which has been re-built from scratch to be more robust and given a new interface.

Nothing spectacular.

what is pdq in siebel open

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Siebel Open UI Controls

It uses the following properties: Mileage may vary here, since I have been testing against a pre-production release of IP16. The following properties can be verified via the Value column:. Enterprise Software. Verifies the index of the currently selected row. Let is sink in a bit.