Hydrogarden megagarden how refill

For refenence, it's about 5" tall at this point. About 2" tall. RSS 2. I'm pondering a new documentation project. Many people switch between bulbs for different stages of growth for a couple of reasons.

Our existing lighting is great for vegetative things like wheatgrass, but not suitable for fruiting and production. CO2 regulator type systems do not produce any heat at all but are more expensive to maintain then the generator systems since the price of CO2 is much higher than propane or natural gas.

While the generators are on they can raise temperatures in a grow room considerably. A good rule of thumb to follow first of all is to top your reservoir off with fresh water without any nutrient added. I'm considering producing a measured drawing and parts list for the PVC frame; in case anyone else buys a TurboGarden.

Aeroponic systems have plants which roots dangle in the air and the roots are sprayed with nutrient water. It's been a difficult week in the aeroponic bed. For reference, the largest of the tomato plants is about 10" tall now. Here's a new photo of the MegaGarden for my "green" stuff. If you were to wire the circuit up for 240 volts you can run four 1000 watt lights on that circuit.

I bought it because I don't see colors all that well, and I wanted to regular the pH more accurately than "by eyeball". They're not going to add enough to your diet to get you to a good level.

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Do I need a ballast? How can I tell if my seeds are viable? It's difficult to determine the causes, as we have both a new system and a new lighting setup in play. Our new hydroponic gear has arrived.