Where are the menendez brothers today

Inside the lives of the Menendez brothers, 27 years after lurid crime

Share This Story! State of California Inmate Locator. A quick Google search reveals a slew of pictures from around the time of the crimes, when Lyle was 21 and Erik was 18.

Erik, meanwhile, wed his pen pal, Tammi Ruth Saccomam in 1998. But where are the Menendez Brothers in 2017? When it comes to sensational '90s trials, the Menendez Brothers are pretty much the OGs. Remembering Marella Agnelli's Life in Photos.

where are the menendez brothers today

Many will recognize this story as that of the Menendez brothers, who shot their parents and, after a lengthy, much-publicized trial, were later sentenced to lives in prison without the possibility of parole. The Menendez Murders. True Crime" series on NBC expected to be released next year. What's become of the "boys," as their lawyer famously and repeatedly referred to them?

Tabloids and news magazines ate up the story, as it featured very rich, good looking young men convicted of killing their own parents. Thornton said that both Menendez brothers are classified as "level 2" or "medium-custody" inmates serving life sentences without parole.

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Celebrating KTTV's 70 Years: New evidence in Menendez murders could mean new trial

Weiss was also a Superior Court judge in California, and has also since retired. Simpson trial. Finally, after she did so, the Menendez brothers were arrested on March 11, 1990, and the first big crime scandal of the '90s was born.

They had been in separate facilities for years.

where are the menendez brothers today

A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Sponsored By. True Crime" series on Friday. Remembering Marella Agnelli's Life in Photos.

where are the menendez brothers today

Andrea Yates still 'grieves for her children' 15 years after her shocking crime. Both died in the attack.

The Menendez Brothers Have Been Reunited in Prison

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where are the menendez brothers today

Weisberg presided over. Lyle, too, has been married: Regardless, they have remained close over the years. He performed psychiatric evaluations of both brothers, then admitted to altering his notes when Abramson asked him to.