And how little rascals quotes dear

Little Rascals Quotes

This tastes like somebody poured it from an ol' boot! Alfalfa giggles I've never seen this side of you before!!!

and how little rascals quotes dear

Why am I soaking wet? You only find a once in a lifetime buddy...

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Oh, Alfalfa you know just what to say to a girl to take a girl breath away! This cute comedy film that features the cutest children of all time was produced by Amblin Entertainment and released by the Universal Pictures last August 2014. You can only find a once-in-a-lifetime friend...

and how little rascals quotes dear

Is that a cowlick, or are you just happy to see me? When was the last time we beat you up?!

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Maybe we should strap on the old feedbag Darla: Are you thinking what Im' thinking Woim? Buckwheat, Porky: Any last words? Darla-Just as I thought! Darla- when he sings he makes me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of july full quote.

and how little rascals quotes dear

However, when they select him they find out that Alfalfa is together with the girl Darla!! Alfalfa Okay!

and how little rascals quotes dear

Person 1: Movie Quotes Bank. Stymie Raise your right hand all raise left hands... My father just baught the oil facotory.

Cute Love scene from The Little Rascals

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