Baucis and philemon whole story

Philemon and Baucis

Hidden categories: They look almost starved. Baba Yaga June 12, 2015. In the dim light they saw a kindly-faced old man and an equally-aged woman who appeared sincerely glad to see them and bustled about the room trying to make their guests more comfortable. Just in case, Philemon and Baucis decided to provide the closest they could come to a meal that was fit for a god.

The owners of this poor dwelling had done the best with what little they had, this much was clear. Zeus had granted their wish and people came from afar to marvel at this wonderful tree and to hang wreaths of flowers on its branches.

Translation:Metamorphoses/Baucis and Philemon

Disguised gods test humans These gods descended to earth disguised as mortals, and when they were wandering in the region where Philemon and Baucis lived, they sought a place to rest, but no home would receive them until they knocked at the door of this aged couple's humble home. The trembling gathered up old woman placed a table, but the third foot of the table was unequal: Philemon suddenly saw Baucis putting forth leaves, and the same was happening to him!

baucis and philemon whole story

Nor does it matter, that you should ask for masters or servants there: Here [is] a nut, here a fig is mixed with wrinkled dates and plums and apples smell in gaping baskets and grapes gathered from purple vines, in the centre is a white honeycomb; above all, good faces were added nor weak and poor spirit.

The old couple had as much as they needed and were always ready to share whatever they had with any one in want.

baucis and philemon whole story

Philemon then said that they had a goose more of a pet to them, truth be told and that they would gladly cook and serve it to their guests. The panic-stricken bird finally sought refuge on the lap of the gods, as Baucis and Philemon collapsed exhausted and panting. An Ancient Love Story.

Baucis and Philemon, A Greek Love Story

Their identity revealed Afraid of what they were witnessing, Philemon and Baucis, fearing the power of their visitors, decided to slaughter their only goose, but old as they were they could not catch it, and finally the bird fled for shelter to the gods themselves, who revealing their divine identity, announced to the old hosts that the wicked neighborhood in which they lived would be punished, and that only them would be exempted.

They suddenly suspected that these two haggard strangers were more than mere beggars.

baucis and philemon whole story

The god said that there was no need to slay the goose; instead they should pack up their few belongings and leave their cottage, because they would destroy the whole town for the lack of hospitality of its residents. The couple followed the gods to the nearby mountain, from where they saw that the town had been destroyed by a flood; where their cottage once stood, now lay a glorious temple.