Chucke2009 what a idiot

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I realize that YouTube comments are one of the worst social media outlets there is for downright meanness and know-nothings and their bashing, but within that morass are some gems that can help and people who have "been there, done that". ChuckE2009 has a great page. This is a web address to some of Mr. Those qualities are getting more and more rare, I fear. DanC911 wrote: New Posts. He's a heck of a welder. He's a young guy willing do dive into unfamiliar water.

Well whoever said that we would tune back in to him was right. Although he can sometimes be a little... If he does, he can feel free to ignore the YouTube comments.

chucke2009 what a idiot

This is not really what I wanted to start. Pete's222 videos.

Epic Fail while Water jumping with backhoe idiots

I like RAiken's........ He was a highschool shop teacher and has about 1000 not exaggerating videos on machining and casting. He still doesn't understand the hydraulic system and it sounds like he needs the pump rebuilt but he is going to put a pump on the front of the motor to get live hydraulics. MIdwest Points: I am interested in how he makes out with that.

chucke2009 what a idiot

But given time, he's gonna be the go to guy for a lot of people... Wait, Richard is one of us?


Thanks Bill, for saying it much better than I was about to post. This page was generated in 0.

chucke2009 what a idiot

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From most of the comments, I see that his goal is only to get viewers, not to really help anyone. Seams like he has some skills, but.... Rocky Ridge Md Points: I did not want to bash him He has stated that he does not read the comments on his site any more and has looked at this site for advice. I quit watching him when he cut up that h farmall.

But given time, he's gonna be the go to guy for a lot of people.