How to play reggae guitar scales

how to play reggae guitar scales

B -------------------------8--10--------. A mixture of five note runs combined with slides, hammer-ons, chromatics, etc, will do your soloing no end of good. D ----------------5--7--------------------.

Reggae Bubble. Reggae Bass Scales.

how to play reggae guitar scales

Obviously this works best with a rhythm section. Print this page How to play pentatonic scale on guitar Tweet For most beginners learning guitar scales, the very first scale they learn is either the major or minor pentatonic guitar scale. The trick here is to give the first sixteenth in each three-note grouping its full duration while playing the remaining two staccato. So G major at the 3 rd fret and 10 th fret respectively.

Reggae Rules: How to Play Reggae the Right Way

Best Reggae Guitars. G ----------------------4--5--------------------.

how to play reggae guitar scales

How to Play Reggae Keyboard. G -------------------5-----------------.

How to play pentatonic scale on guitar

Reggae Instruments. Fender Mustang Amp Review. The minor pentatonic scale has been done to death. G ----------------------5--7--8--------------.

Easy Blues Guitar Scales

Getting tired of B b -Cm? Play Reggae Drum Beats. D ----------------------------------12----14----------------------------------------------------------. Audley Chisholm.

how to play reggae guitar scales

E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------15----15----17----19---- B ----------------------------------------------------------------15----17---------------------------- G ----------------------------------------------12----14----16---------------------------------------- D ----------------------------------12----14---------------------------------------------------------- A ----------------10----12----14---------------------------------------------------------------------- E ----10----12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So pattern 1 is for the E shape chords and 2 is for the A shape chords.

Then what you want to do is get a backing track and practice playing some melodic lines on the fly.

The Secret to playing Reggae Rhythm Guitar Properly

Rhythm-guitar-wise, both styles are characterized by a clean-toned electric playing full or partial barre chords on every eighth-note upbeat as opposed to putting emphasis on the one. Begin by establishing a tempo and setting the delay time to eighth-note triplets with approximately 12 repeats as diagrammed in Ex. Oh yes it can be used on the dark side as well minor but we will not go there.