Iphone only vibrates when rings

Related 3. But it still does not ring when I call it.

How to put your iPhone on vibrate, ring, or silent mode

Funny, I read your solution while on hold for an iPhone rep to answer. He called me from the road and I told him I would send your pic but just hearing the Fix he got his ringer back!

Home Technology Guides. Exact same problem.

How do I silence the iPhone ringer / enter vibrate mode?

You find…. This fixed mine right away.

iphone only vibrates when rings

I spent hours pouring over google searches. I had recently taken off the protective case and must have hit this button by mistake. I tried everything until I realized all this time that the silent button to the side was switched on.

The button on the left side was on off. Published Date: And restarting the iPhone doesn't improve?

iphone only vibrates when rings

Update Your iPhone. It back!

iphone only vibrates when rings

Moreover, the switch hasn't changed in functionality or location on any iPhone. Derek Hart.

How to Turn Off the iPhone Ringer

It is located above the two volume buttons on most iPhone models. The button got moved when my hubby took the case off.

iphone only vibrates when rings

Nov 21, 2017 3: Pratik 2,163 1 9 24. As an Android user I am wondering why on earth have a separate switch! No Volume. Reminder Alerts are the same as Calendar Alerts, but for the Reminders app.

iphone only vibrates when rings

Thank you for your interest in this question. It was very elaborate and helpful. I put on a phone protector and when I did that it pushed my "do not disturb button" left side of phone; the little button at the top of the other two larger buttons; that moves either back or forward.