Whats your original intention

Both John Donne and John Keats worked within the ode form and were aware of its tradition.

But Tolstoy, in particular in works like Anna Karenina and War and Peace , as in Keats, there is very little intrusion of self. Human beings required. Authors had to take into account the progress of the novel up to their point of entry into the creative process and give some thought to how it might continue.

whats your original intention

And then the Israelites heard the voice of G-d directly: By the same token his words instruct future generations: Both seem to think that these texts merely need to be read to be understood without interpretation.

To confuse the Constitution with Constitutional law, we would have to be able to identify its meaning apart from the history of its interpretations, including the constructions placed upon it by the people through their state conventions.

It could not have been clearer to Madison that whatever understanding members of the Philadelphia Convention shared about this or that passage of the Constitution, that understanding "could never be regarded as [a]. I am not sure what the trick is, of removing oneself from the text, from its life. In an effort to mark the difference I am reminded of the dancing of Baryshnikov and, at the height of his powers, Nureyev.

In drafting the Constitution, the difficult job of extracting agreement was accomplished by a process of reduction and removal. No member was to speak more than twice on any topic, and after he had spoken, he had to wait for all the others to speak, if they so chose, before he spoke again, and during the interval he had to remain silent.

whats your original intention

Constitution, slavery was guaranteed but the text itself is silent on the matter. To distinguish them is necessary, he argued; to confuse them is to court anarchy.

Remembering Your Original Intention

As far as we know, no one talked back to G-d at that moment. Keeping your original intention front and center can make a big difference in building your brand.

whats your original intention

Eager to gain his friends' agreement, the hatter submits his copy to them for their "corrections" and "emendations," only to be left with his name and the symbol of a hat.

Sinai and came back down with the Tablets that contained the Ten Commandments. When Baryshnikov leaps into the air, I am always impressed as much by him as I am by his leaps.

whats your original intention

Franklin's tale amusingly captures the problems of drafting a text at a convention where the desire for consensus was paramount. The first he showed it to thought the word " Hatter " tautologous, because followed by the words " makes hats " which show he was a hatter.