Wholesome harvest farm seguin tx homes

Worth and 50 miles east of Abilene on I—20.

wholesome harvest farm seguin tx homes

We have been practicing Holistic management since 1982, the practice that uses pasture rotation, monitoring, tools such as fire, herd impact, and just working with nature. Today we partner with superstar chefs and sell some product in Dallas—Ft.

Select the individual retail cuts that you want or choose from one of our many packages. This is dependent upon the weather. We wanted to integrate livestock in our long-term management toolbox, and after years of improvements to include brush management, cover crops, native grass plantings, and livestock water development, we are ready to start raising baby calves to provide wholesome and healthy food to our community.

Our farm started as a traditional diversified farm that raised food to sustain the family. If you want to schedule a first-time visit on a day other than Saturday, please give me a call at the number listed above.

Sprouts are tiny, but flavor is huge

We are committed to providing you with the healthiest, best tasting beef possible. Broken Arrow Ranch is a family-owned, artisanal producer of high quality free-range venison, antelope , and wild boar meat. Our meat is available year round, and is shipped in thermal lined freezer boxes. We take great pride in humanely raising our animals, keeping them happy and healthy, free of any antibiotics, growth hormones, or exposure to pesticides.

Cattle are handled with utmost care using the highest standards of animal husbandry and humane treatment to insure a consistent, tender and healthy product. PaiDom strives to grow and market the finest quality, drug-free and grass-finished meats.

Pearl Farmers Market opens new markets for San Antonio’s bespoke goods

Please contact us for details. Since healthy, living soil, teaming with bio-diversity, is where it all begins, the Circle N Ranch employs only sustainable agriculture practices.

wholesome harvest farm seguin tx homes

The great flavor is rich and robust. LB Ranch has the knowledge and work ethic needed to grow your grass fed beef calf the way you want it.

The land had been neglected and overgrazed, but we saw the potential to restore native grasses and raise free-range grass fed and grass finished beef and Beefalo , using no growth implants, soy, corn silage, grains, or antibiotics. In their fourth year of operation, PaiDom provides pastured lamb, beef, poultry.