How to make meaningful art

Post Comments Atom. Learn how to make your own here. What colors and shapes do you see that are thrilling for you?

Creating Meaningful Art

And one is good enough for me. I took two, painted, distressed, and enlarged two photos.

how to make meaningful art

By moving, your eye is awakened and exercised to seeing new sights. We cast one bunny in a pastel color to match the hospital scheme but saw that they needed to coordinate with the painting. I presented three proposals to the committee, and they chose the one I call Bunny World. Movement is key.

how to make meaningful art

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how to make meaningful art

Here are three techniques that will serve as beginning inspiration and fodder to instill meaning into your next work of art. Draw what you observe.

How to Create & Display Meaningful Art

Really easy to do! Sometimes as an artist I wonder, Why am I doing this? Or do you create from feelings? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Go for a drive to a new place. Living with Faith, 72 x 106 inches, triptych, oil on wood. I think that if the artist finds a heartfelt connection to something and creates from that perspective, this will indeed create a work of art that is meaningful to the creator.

how to make meaningful art