What does mr mellark give katniss

The birds could spy on people and memorize whole conversations. True or False: Where was Clove just starting to cut Katniss before she was interrupted? Thresh 5. Sign In Don't have an account?

The Capitol-created muttations: Mellark, often bringing him squirrels. Which part s did they eliminate? What news does Claudius bring?

Mrs. Mellark

Cinna 4. Add this document to collection s. She is trapped in a net set by the Careers or thrown over her by the District 1 boy, since he is in close proximity to her and just as she reaches out to Katniss a spear from the District 1 boy enters her body.

what does mr mellark give katniss

Peeta forms an alliance with the Careers. Katniss is chased up a tree by Thresh and Rue.

what does mr mellark give katniss

How does Katniss destroy the supplies? He knew she needed to look as girlish and innocent as possible. Their first meeting place was undisturbed Rue should have returned there by then , and the third distraction fire was never set off.

One example is when Peeta was young and burnt some of the bread she was baking, she smited him, saying that no decent person would buy burnt bread. She reminds Katniss of Prim. They omit the part where Katniss covered her in flowers. Katniss severely injures her calf.

The Hunger Games

Chapters 14-15 1. Make sure she's eating. Add to... Without his witchy wife around, he's much nicer.

what does mr mellark give katniss

Mellark to Katniss Everdeen [src]. Katniss must dodge fireballs, shot from the Gamemakers during the fire. He then falls right into the pool of vomit. They broadcast the silent salute. Katniss grabs Peeta, saving him.