What does defensive means

Linda Carroll, M. Noun guard Antonyms: If your partner is giving you criticism that is making you feel defensive, can you express why?

what does defensive means

Books about communication don't do a great job at teaching us to receive criticism. They may often hear themselves described as "too sensitive" or "thin-skinned. Basic Information.

What do you mean I'm defensive?

So next time you're in an emotional situation, pay more attention to what's going on nonverbally and less attention to proving your case. But she interpreted my responses as my being defensive, or difficult, or negative, when all I did was explain to her that these things are a part of who I am and were a part of me when she fell in love with me.

So when you least feel like reaching out to connect, take a risk and try it; the results will pay off much more than isolating yourself. Need a translator? But if you find that either you or your partner is always on guard, waiting on the front-lines to pounce into a defensive mode of communicating, it can be deeply harmful to the relationship.

In some cases, your "defensiveness" can even be frightening.


That is, they are likely to be purchased whether the economy is booming or in a recession. And we're rewarded, because each thing they say and do activates the connection center of our brain.

what does defensive means

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what does defensive means

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Often their bodies remain on high alert, and they perpetually scan the environment for danger.

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Blog Entries. Namely, temperament, history, and self-esteem.

Defensive Meaning

Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Now, in your particular case, you had some arguments and you broke up. Related Posts Sex sex.

what does defensive means

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